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Bernadette Rostenkowski (The Big Bang Theory)

Promising beginnings

For this new version of the character, Funko decided to represent Bernadette with the outfit she wears the first times we see her, that is to say her Cheesecake Factory uniform. She wears a little blue denim skirt with a white blouse and a yellow sleeveless vest over it. She is also wearing a green apron and little black flat shoes. She stands wisely with her hands crossed in front. Finally, on the face, she wears glasses with big red frames and her long blond hair is slightly pulled back while a lock of hair falls in bangs at the front of her face.

More than it seems at first

Bernadette is one of the main characters of The Big Bang Theory since season four. She appears for the first time in season three. She is Penny’s co-worker at the Cheesecake Factory where she works to finish financing her microbiology studies. Penny introduces her to Howard when she and Leonard are looking for another couple to date. It works out well between them and they date for a while before she disappears and we learn that they have broken up. She reappears in season four and Howard, still in love with her, decides to win her back. At this time, Bernadette has finished her studies and works in a laboratory where she earns a lot of money. They end up dating again and at the end of the season, Howard proposes to her. They get married and then settle down together and have two children. Bernadette evolves a lot in her job and also develops a strong friendship with Penny and Amy, Sheldon’s girlfriend. Despite her small size, her small voice and her very cute appearance, the creators of the series like to play on the contrast by showing that she can in fact show a lot of authority and a biting humor.


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