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Leonard Hofstadter in robe (The Big Bang Theory)

A tired roommate

For this new version of the character, Funko represented him with his famous robe in which he is often seen getting up in the morning in the show. This one is red with geometrical patterns and he wears it over a white t-shirt and with grey socks. At the level of the head, we find his famous glasses without which he does not see anything and his brown hair a little dishevelled. Finally, he holds in his hand a white sign with sarcasm” written on it, which he uses to explain to Sheldon when someone is using sarcasm (which he usually doesn’t understand by himself).

The geek hero

Leonard is one of the heroes of the famous sitcom The Big Bang Theory. It tells the story of four geeks all working at Caltech University in California. There is Raj, an astrophysicist, Howard, the engineer and finally Sheldon and Leonard, both physicists and roommates. At the beginning of the series, Penny, a young struggling actress comes to live in the apartment across from Leonard and Sheldon. Leonard immediately falls under the charm but Penny will first become a friend before gradually becoming part of the funny little group of friends with whom she creates a funny contrast that will be the basis of the series. Leonard is the clich? of the comic book, video game and heroic fantasy geek, but he is also the most normal” of the group and the one who manages to fit in best on the outside. On the other hand, he has to deal with a particularly maladjusted roommate, Sheldon, whose behavior is borderline Asperger’s and very difficult to live with because of the very precise rules he has in everyday life.


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