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Penny (The Big Bang Theory)

Penny, the typical Californian

Of all the gang, Penny is perhaps the one who has the most varied and least repetitive style of dress. This is probably due to the fact that she is the most normal” character of the group and also a shopaholic that we rarely see wearing the same thing twice. However, Penny has her own style that could be defined as sexy but casual, very Californian. We often see her wearing bright colors (pink in particular) and short skirts/dresses or small shorts. On the other hand, she wears very little cleavage and most often flat shoes (perhaps for the sake of Leonard who is smaller than her). This figurine is most likely inspired by a series of promo photos and the outfit she wears in the last episode of season 1: a pink dress with balloon sleeves. If Funko didn’t choose to put the patterns on it, they did represent quite finely the pink and flat flip-flops she wears on these pictures. If Penny’s hair style doesn’t change a lot during the seasons, we still recognize her haircut from season 1 with this little fringe on the side.

The neighbor of opposite

Penny is one of the main characters of the series The Big Bang Theory. During the first 3 or 4 seasons, she was even the only regular female character of the show. Played by actress Kaley Cuoco, Penny is originally from Nebraska and moved to California in hopes of becoming an actress. Her career didn’t work out the way she hoped, so for now she is a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory. At the beginning of the series, Penny moves into a new apartment after a breakup. She meets her neighbors across the street, two scientists/geeks Leonard and Sheldon. Although very different from them and their group of friends, Penny will spend more and more time with them and will even start a relationship with Leonard later on. The humor of the series works a lot on the contrast between the nerds/geeks and the pretty, shallow blonde. But we will realize as the episodes go on that Penny is more than the dumb blonde. She has a great sense of humor and compensates for her lack of education with a great practical sense inherited from her youth in the countryside.


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