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Stuart Bloom (The Big Bang Theory)

An endearing character

For his first action figure, Stuart is depicted wearing one of the classic and somewhat sad outfits that we see him wearing most often in the series. He’s wearing blue jeans with matching sneakers and a green striped polo shirt with a big dark red vest. At the level of the head, we find his brown hair styled backwards and slightly bald on the sides. Finally, he holds in his hands the small pad on which he writes his orders and his stock and that he almost always has in his hand when we see him in his store.

Another kind of nerd

Stuart Bloom is one of the recurring characters of the series The Big Bang Theory becoming more and more important as the seasons go by. He is the owner of the comic book store where the four heroes of the show go in many episodes (about a quarter of the total). He is therefore a specialist in comics and everything that is close to them, authors and derivatives. During one of the episodes of season two, he has a date with Penny that does not go very well and almost all the rest of the series, Stuart is presented as the clich? of the eternal bachelor always a little depressed. That does not improve when his business goes more and more badly and that he loses his apartment. He is then lodged by Howard’s mother whom he takes care of. When she dies and Howard moves into the house with Bernadette, Stuart stays with her for a while, acting as a nanny for their baby. In the final season, Stuart hires a second salesgirl for the store and they end up falling in love.


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