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Penny with computer (The Big Bang Theory)

Penny addicted

For this new version of Penny, Funko has represented her in the episode where she gets addicted to World Of Warcraft and doesn’t leave her house anymore. She wears an old t-shirt too large and with a big stain on the front as well as a kind of black pyjama shorts with big black socks with green spots and a blue sweater. On the face, her eyes are ringed and her hair is tied up quickly. She also wears a headset microphone on her head and holds her small matching pink laptop in her left hand. Finally, as in one of the scenes in this episode, she has a cheeto in her hair.

Penny changes world

Penny is one of the main characters of the famous sitcom The Big Bang Theory set in California and telling the life of a band of four geeky scientists working for the University of Caltech. At the beginning of the series, Penny, an aspiring actress and waitress, moves into the apartment next door to Leonard and Sheldon, two of the four boys in the gang. Leonard falls for her immediately and, after trying to help her with a problem with her ex-boyfriend, Leonard gradually becomes friends with the young woman and she ends up becoming an integral part of the little group. But unlike the boys, Penny is not at all interested in geek culture or science, but her humor and her sometimes sarcastic side allow her to integrate anyway and, in some occasions, she will even enter their universe, when she dresses up as a wonder woman for their Halloween party or starts playing World Of Warcraft and becomes addicted to it to the point of not leaving her house anymore.


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