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Howard Wolowitz as Batman (The Big Bang Theory)

The opportunity to be a hero

For this SDCC 2019 exclusive figure, Funko therefore depicted Howard with the Batman costume he wears during the Halloween party where the whole group dresses up as members of the vigilante league. He wears the traditional Batman costume from the comics, a tight gray jumpsuit with black briefs and boots and a yellow belt that matches the Batman logo. The suit is padded to give the impression that he has abs and he also wears a blue cape. At the head level, his entire upper face is hidden by the famous bat head mask and finally, he stands with his fists on his hips in a classic superhero pose.

A geek among others

Howard is one of the main characters of the famous geek sitcom The Big Bang Theory. We follow the lives of four friends and fellow scientists at Caltech University whose lives are turned upside down when one of them befriends his new neighbor Penny, a young actress who is not a geek at all, and she becomes one of the group. Howard is an engineer trying to pass himself off as a seducer and despite having some confidence, he doesn’t have much more success with women than his friends. Like them, he is also passionate about TV shows, science fiction and comic books and sometimes they even manage to get Penny on board with their delusion, like the time they all dress up as members of the vigilante league from the DC Comics universe.


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