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Sheldon Cooper as The Flash (The Big Bang Theory)

The Fastest Man

For this new version exclusive to SDCC 2019, Funko has therefore represented Sheldon with the costume of Flash that he wears in the episode where he is dressed as Flash. So he’s wearing his tight red suit with the Flash logo on his chest and the padding creating abs on his stomach. He also wears a yellow belt and matching boots. At the level of the head, we find the red mask decorated with two small yellow lightnings at the level of the ears. Finally, he is holding the cup awarded to the best group costume of the Halloween party.

Life changing

Sheldon Cooper is one of the main characters of the series The Big Bang Theory. This now cult sitcom centers on the lives of four scientists and friends at Caltech University. Sheldon is a brilliant theoretical physicist whose very particular personality means that few people outside of his friends, especially his roommate Sheldon, can stand him. He is full of OCD, has a hard time understanding human feelings and is excessively attached to his routine. This explains why he is at first very disturbed by the arrival of Penny, their new neighbor, with whom Leonard will fall in love and who will very quickly join the group. But despite their differences, Sheldon eventually accept Penny and even integrate it into some activities of the group as when they dress up as members of the Justice League for the Halloween party of the comic book shop.


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