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Raj Koothrappali as Aquaman (The Big Bang Theory)

The Worst Superhero

For this SDCC 2019 exclusive release, Funko represented Raj with the Aquaman outfit he wears to complete the comic book store Halloween party group costume. He’s considered the worst superhero in the Justice League and we have to admit that the costume is pretty ridiculous. Raj wears a blond wig and a tight orange and green jumpsuit and as Aquaman rides on the back of a seahorse, his legs are hidden from the body of the seahorse to give the impression that he is the back of the latter with his pink body and orange fins.

The fourth of the gang

Raj is one of the main characters of the series The Big Bang Theory, the famous sitcom following the adventures of a bunch of geeks and scientists all working for the University of Caltech in California. Raj is an astrophysicist of Indian origin who likes to remind people of his modest origins, when in fact he comes from a very rich Indian family. Raj has the particularity of being very shy with women to the point that at the beginning of the series, he can’t talk to them at all. Penny, the new neighbor of his friends Sheldon and Leonard manages to make him discover one day that he manages to do it as soon as he has drunk a little alcohol. Despite this, his love life will remain complicated throughout the series while the others will all end up getting married, even Sheldon for whom love was not really a priority. With his friends, he of course shares science but also popular culture in general, especially comic books or science fiction series.


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