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Raj Koothrappali Star Trek (The Big Bang Theory)

The red shirt

For this alternative version of Raj, Funko decided to represent him with a costume inspired by the Star Trek series, more particularly one of his unimportant red shirt” officers who died regularly in the series. He wears black pants with matching shoes and a red long-sleeved shirt. He wears the Enterprise symbol on his chest and a gold band around each wrist. He is holding a laser pistol in his right hand, and on his head, we find his black hair styled in a slightly retro way as it was in the beginning of the series.

A true enthusiast

Raj Koothrappali is one of the central characters of the series The Big Bang Theory. Raj works as an astrophysicist at Caltech University in California with his friends and colleagues Howard, Sheldon and Leonard. He also shares with them a great passion for all things related to popular culture, including comic books, TV shows, heroic fantasy and especially science fiction. They often participate in events or conventions for which they dress up. Raj also has the particularity of being particularly shy with women, to the point of not being able to talk to them at all. However, thanks to Sheldon and Leonard’s new neighbor, Penny, he finds that he can do this after drinking a little alcohol. Then later, it is also thanks to her that he will realize that he does not need that anymore.


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