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Sheldon Cooper Spock (The Big Bang Theory)

In full appearance

For this exclusive figurine at the comic con of 2013, Funko had represented Sheldon with his Spock costume but disappearing and therefore with the lower half of the body transparent. At the top, we can still see the typical blue shirt of Spock with the small logo of the Enterprise at the chest. At the head level, we find his characteristic haircut and finally his right hand is represented doing the famous Vulcan salute with a separation between the middle and ring fingers.

An obvious role

Sheldon Cooper is one of the central characters of the famous cult sitcom The Big Bang Theory. He is a theoretical physicist of genius working at the University of Caltech in the United States. He also lives with his friend and colleague Leonard Hofstadter, who is one of the few people who can stand Sheldon’s character. Indeed, the latter has a high opinion of himself while being impervious to the feelings of others and full of tocs and very attached to his routine. However, he also shares with Leonard and his other friends Howard and Raj a passion for popular culture in general and comic books and science fiction in particular. He feels particularly close to the character of Spock, the cold and emotionless Vulcan scientist of the Star Trek series.


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