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Anna (Frozen 2)

The look of a queen

Anna is represented here with the outfit that we see her wearing during most of the movie. Now fully grown up, her clothes and hair have a more adult and sober style. Still inspired by Russian culture, her dress is black with gold floral embellishments and heeled ankle boots that match perfectly. With that, she wears a purple sleeveless coat with pink interior and ornaments on the bottom and a gold chain holding it closed against the wind that lifts it on one side. At the head level, we find the freckles on his cheeks as well as his small fringe. The rest of his hair is partially pulled back in two small braids and floats in the wind like his coat.


A new adventure for the two sisters

Anna is one of the heroines of the Disney animated film Frozen 2 (The Snow Queen in French) following the first film which was a huge success a few years ago. A few years after the adventures of the first film, the two sisters rule Arendelle and Anna is perfectly happy with Kristof. But just as Anna thinks she has complete control over her powers, she begins to hear voices calling to her and causing her to lose control, putting her kingdom and her family in danger. The trolls advise her to follow the voices wherever they lead to get answers to her questions. Anna, Kristof and Olaf decide to accompany her to a hidden magical world that they access through mysterious stones. There, Elsa will understand the origin of her magic but also develop it at the risk of getting lost and endangering Anna who will continue to follow her everywhere in spite of everything.


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