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Ant-Man unmasked (Ant-Man And The Wasp)

Ant-Man unmasked

Funko has represented Scott Lang with the costume that allows him to shrink but without the helmet that hides his face. As on the normal figure, Scott wears this black suit with red armature elements that give a bit of a biker suit impression with his big black reinforced boots. He wears matching gloves and stands with his thumb ready to press the button that allows him to shrink and grow at will. Scott is not wearing the helmet, so we can see his brown hair styled slightly to the side and his slight goatee.


Back in his costume

Ant-Man is the hero of the Ant-Man movies from Marvel Studios. After donning the suit for the first time in the movie Ant-Man, his adventures with Hope Van Dyne and Hank Pym came to an abrupt end when he chose to help Captain America on an illegal mission. At the beginning of the second film, Opus, Scott is under house arrest and has set up a security company with the friends he used to organize robberies with. But when Hope and her father are attacked by a mysterious enemy while trying to recover materials to build a machine to retrieve Hope’s mother, who has been stuck on the quantum plane for years, Scott finds himself involved in the story against his will. His involvement will grow even more when they realize that he is the only one with whom Hope’s mother manages to communicate, since he is the only one who has also entered this plane of existence.


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