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Appa flocked (Avatar The Last Airbender)

A gentle companion

For this new version of Appa, Funko has depicted him in a flocked version, meaning with a soft peach skin texture on part of his body. He is represented standing on his four legs with his beige fur in flocked text but his belly, his head and his brown legs in classic texture. On the head, we find his large nose, his eyes circled with beige, his horns and especially the arrow pattern on the top of the skull reminiscent of the one worn by Aang.

A buffalo like no other

Appa is the famous flying buffalo always accompanying Aang, the main character of the manga and cartoon Avatar, the last Airbender. Taking place in a world where people are divided into four categories, air, earth, fire and water, Aang is the avatar, the one who has the ability to master the four elements. When he learned of his destiny, he panicked and flew away on his faithful bison Appa. But caught in a storm, they found themselves frozen and preserved in an iceberg for over a hundred years. When they awoke, the fire nation had declared war. Appa continued to accompany Aang on his perilous missions to try to stop the war.


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