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Appa (Avatar The Last Airbender)

An adorable companion

Appa is shown here sitting on his hindquarters with his head turned slightly to the side and looking rather comical with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. As in the cartoon, his thick coat is beige except for his chest and face which are dark gray. He has a large purple nose and large black eyes surrounded by white. On the top of his head, we find of course his buffalo horns as well as the arrow going down which is the same one that Aang wears on the top of his skull.

A faithful companion

Appa is the flying bison, companion of the avatar Aang in the manga and cartoon, Avatar The Last Airbender. Aang is the son of two pacifist air nomads who discovered at a young age that he is in fact the avatar, the one whose prophecy it is that he will one day be able to master the four elements and bring peace. Terrified at the prospect, Aang flies off on his flying bison Appa to think things over, but they are caught in a storm and find themselves stranded and preserved in an iceberg for over a hundred years. When they wake up, the fire nation has declared a merciless war on the other tribes and Aang will have to embrace his destiny as Avatar to bring peace. Appa, his faithful buffalo, will always be at his side. Although he doesn’t speak, Appa seems to have a form of intelligence since he seems to understand exactly what he is told.


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