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Katara (Avatar The Last Airbender)

All in blue

As in the manga and the cartoon, Katara is always dressed in blue. She wears pants with simple boots and a long blue tunic edged with white fur. At the level of the head, we find her brown hair held in a long braid as well as these two small wicks decorated with a pearl at the front of the face. She is standing in a fighting posture and surrounded by a wave of water elegantly represented with a translucent blue plastic.

The water master

Katara is one of the very important characters of the manga and the cult anime series The Last Airbender. It takes place in a world where people are divided into four main groups, air, earth, water and fire. Katara belongs to the South Pole tribe and is the only airbender in the region, although she has never been educated in this sense. She and her brother were raised by their grandmother after their parents left to fight in the war declared by the fire nation. It was she and her brother who found the avatar Aang, who had been trapped in an iceberg for over a century. They freed him and decided to join him on the journey to learn to master the four elements as he was meant to do. Katara will take the opportunity to receive real training in water control but also to develop her healing powers.


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