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Aang on Airscooter (Avatar The Last Airbender)

A practical means of travel

Aang is shown here riding his airscooter. It is a ball represented in transparent plastic and showing well the movement of the air. The whole surrounded by a cloud. He stands with one foot on the ball and the other balanced on his opposite thigh. He is wearing his yellow suit with a sort of orange cape. On his hands and shaved head, we find the blue arrow which is the symbol of the avatars.


Aang is the famous avatar from the manga and the animated series Avatar The Last Airbender. Born into a tribe of air nomads, he learned at a young age that he was in fact the avatar who could master all the elements and save humanity. But the weight of this responsibility frightened him and he set out on the back of his bison Appa. But both were caught in a storm and became trapped in an iceberg for almost 100 years. When he awoke, the fire nation had attacked and a terrible war was raging. He had to quickly learn to master the elements in order to put an end to it. His element of choice was still air and he is often seen riding an air vortex that he calls an airscooter


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