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Aang Avatar State (Avatar The Last Airbender)

The Avatar

For this impressive figure, Funko has represented Aang in his avatar state, when he summons” all the previous avatars, his previous lives to use their combined powers. He is therefore placed on a transparent plastic base to show that he is in a state of levitation. His eyes have turned white and the arrow on his forehead is still there. He is surrounded by a kind of shiny ball and a circle of stones, fire, air and water representing the four elements.

A powerful boy

Aang is the main character of the manga and the anime Avatar The Last Airbender. In a world where humanity is divided into four main tribes, those of the four elements, air, earth, fire and water, Aang is a special boy. Although he was born into the air nomad tribe, he soon realizes that he is in fact an avatar who can control all four elements. But terrified by his responsibilities, he runs away and finds himself trapped in an iceberg for a hundred years. When he emerges, the fire nation has attacked and declared war. The fate of all the peoples now rests on him. He must learn to master his abilities to be able to bring back peace.


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