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Iroh (Avatar The Last Airbender)

A soothing physique

Iroh has the typical look of a wise old Japanese man. He wears a dark pink tunic with a brown breastplate and belt, reminding us that he was in the military, and matching shoes with yellow soles and curved pointy toes. On the head, we find his funny little thin beard and the sort of sideburns on the sides. His gray hair is brought back in a bun on the top of the head. Finally, he holds a cup of tea in his hands.

A wise man among the military

Iroh was a famous general of the Fire Nation in the famous manga and cartoon Avatar The Last Airbender. Unlike many of his nation and family, he had great respect for all the elements he used for his own firebending technique. When he retired, he reopened his tea store. He was a mentor to his nephew Zuko, whom he pushed to choose his destiny despite his obligations to his royal family, and was often an ally to Avatar Aang, making him a traitor to his nation. When he decided that he had finished what he had to do on Earth, he decided on his own to leave his body to continue serving tea for the spirits.


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