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Aang with Momo (Avatar The Last Airbender)

The air monk

Aang is represented here with his usual yellow outfit with this kind of small orange cape and in motion using his air mastery power represented by a kind of transparent wave around him and his wooden stick. On the head, we find his bald head and the big blue arrow pointing to his nose. On his head, we find Momo, his adorable pet, a winged lemur and the last of his species. This funny little monkey is shown sitting with his white body, brown face and adorable big ears with pink and brown stripes inside.

A legendary character

Aang is the famous young hero of the cult manga Avatar, The Last Airbender. He lives in a world where people are divided into four main groups related to air, water, earth or fire. Aang was born to two pacifist air nomads but decided to flee when he learned that he was the Avatar, a unique being capable of mastering all four elements. He was then swept into a storm with Appa, his flying bison, and was trapped in the avatar state for a hundred years. When he was finally found and awakened, the fire nation had attacked all the others and completely decimated the air nomads. By learning to completely master the four elements as he was destined to do, he managed to defeat the leader of the fire nation and restore peace.


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