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Sokka (Avatar The Last Airbender)

A proud warrior

Sokka is shown here holding his famous warrior axe. He is wearing blue pants with a lighter blue tunic and brown boots. He is standing in an attack posture with a raised hand and a determined expression. At the head, we find his matte skin and his hair pulled back in a strict bun at the back of his head.

The Strategist

Sokka was a young boy from the water nation who, along with his sister Katara, was raised by his grandmother while his father was away fighting the fire nation in the manga and anime Avatar The Last Airbender. As the oldest boy left in his tribe, he became the leader and tried to train the younger boys in combat. When his sister found Avatar Aang, he was skeptical at first that a child could save the world, but rallied to her cause anyway. Although he doesn’t have water power like his sister, he became an important member of Team Avatar as a military strategist.


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