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Aang on Airscooter glows in the dark (Avatar The Last Airbender)

A favorite element

For this chase figure, Funko represented Aang on his famous airscooter in a glows in the dark version, the air remaining his favorite element. He stands on a kind of air vortex held by a cloud. He wears a yellow suit with a kind of orange cape and a foot crossed on the other. At the level of his head and hands, the arrows representing the avatar, as well as his eyes, shine in the dark.

The mastery of all the elements

Aang is the central character of the manga and cartoon Avatar The Last Airbender. It is a world where the populations are divided according to their affinity with one of the four elements, some of them being able to master them in a magical way. Aang is a member of the Air Nomad tribe and, at a young age, is told that he is the Avatar, a rare character who can master all four elements. But before his training can begin, he is caught in a storm and trapped in an iceberg for a hundred years. When he wakes up, the fire nation has attacked the others. He will then be helped by a team in order to be trained in his gift to end the war.


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