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Ariel with bag (La Petite Sir?ne)

Ariel is shown here at the beginning of the story when she stumbles upon a wrecked boat and finds new human objects to add to her collection, in this case a simple bag. She is depicted on a clear blue plastic base as if floating in the sea. Her long green fish tail is shown folded up and she is wearing as always a bikini top made of shells. She holds the bag in her hand and her long red hair floats with the movement of the water.


The passion of humans

Ariel is the heroine of the famous cartoon The Little Mermaid from Disney Studios, very freely inspired by the Andersen tale of the same name. She is the youngest of King Triton’s seven daughters under the sea and, despite her father’s disapproval, Ariel is passionate about all things human and collects all the objects she can find, relying on the rough knowledge of her animal friends to understand their purpose. One day, during a storm, Ariel saves the life of a man who falls into the water. She brings him back to the beach safely and, upon seeing his face, immediately falls in love with him. From then on, Ariel will do anything to get legs and be able to join him, even giving up her beautiful voice.


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