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Astronaut Snoopy Blue outfit (Peanuts)

An astronaut in blue

Funko has represented Snoopy as an astronaut for this exclusive figurine. For this figurine, he wears a blue astronaut outfit. He stands with his front legs stretched out to the sides. The design of the suit is very simple to stick to the style of the comic strip, with a simple zipper on the front and orange bands around the wrists. On the head, we find his blue and orange helmet and his goggles that he wears on top of his head.

A hero through the ages

Snoopy is one of the heroes of the daily comic strip Peanuts created by Charles Schultz in 1950 and published continuously until his death in 2000. Snoopy is the little beagle dog of the hero Charlie Brown, a little boy who is always a little sad. Snoopy quickly becomes as popular as his master and is often the hero of his own adventures. He is a lazy little dog who is often caught making great philosophical reflections. Having existed for 50 years, Snoopy has experienced great events and changes in society. For example, Charles Schultz had represented him several times as an astronaut on the occasion of the first step of man on the Moon.


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