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Beagle Scout Snoopy with Woodstock (Peanuts)

A cute scout

Snoopy is shown here in his scout outfit. He stands on his hind legs and wears a small red scarf, a backpack and a green hat with a small black and yellow badge. He has of course his famous little black ears and black nose. Woodstock is a small yellow bird with a simple green hat.

A great scoutmaster

Snoopy is a small beagle dog and one of the most popular characters of the comic strip Peanuts. This comic strip was created at the end of the years by Charles Schultz with a little boy named Charlie Brown as his hero. Snoopy is his dog, a little strange, a little lazy and quick to philosophical thoughts. In a 1974 strip, Snoopy is disguised as a Boy Scout. The character will often come back guiding his little troop of yellow birds (including Woodstock) in various scouting outings. Beagle scout is of course a play on the word eagle scout, the highest rank in the scouts


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