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Astronaut Snoopy (Peanuts)

An adorable astronaut

Funko has represented Snoopy as an astronaut for this exclusive figurine. He wears an orange suit and the simple style of the drawing is well respected with this zipper drawn in black. He raises his arms on the side and on his head, we find a first orange helmet with red glasses worn on the top of the head, then a transparent suit protecting his whole head.

An adventurer

Snoopy is the little beagle dog of little Charlie Brown in the Peanuts comic strips and cartoons. These comics were created by Charles Schultz in the 1950s in the United States. While this one is very popular in the United States from the beginning, in France it is especially the little dog Snoopy who is popular. Snoopy is a lazy little dog who spends most of his time lying on top of his kennel thinking about life and coming up with some very philosophical thoughts from time to time. He also likes to disguise himself according to the current events. We could see him dressed as an astronaut at the time of the first human flight to the moon.


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