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Augurey (The Crimes Of Grindelwald)

A strange animal

The augur has a strange but elegant look, which seems to mix the one of the owl with its big round eyes, the one of the vulture with its impressive beak, its talons and the power of its back legs and finally, surprisingly, the one of the peacock. Indeed, under the brown feathers of its tail, several large green and blue feathers with patterns reminiscent of those of the peacock grow and it also has funny little feathers on the top of its head.


A bad reputation

The augur is one of the many fantastic animals that Newt Scamander has in the movies Fantastic Beasts 1 and 2. Indeed, this specialist of the animals of the fantastic world possesses a suitcase like the others which contains almost a whole world which enables him to put at the shelter and to look after the many animals which he collected during his voyages. The augur has a bad reputation because it is often associated with death because of its strange appearance and its mournful cry, but it will later be realized that they are in fact harmless and that they cry out before the rain arrives, which will allow many wizards who are interested in meteorology to study the climate.


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