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Demiguise invisible (Fantastic Beasts)

The Demiguise in invisible version

For this Amazon exclusive version, Funko has decided to represent the Demiguise in an invisible version in a translucent plastic. We can still guess very well his monkey look with his hairy body everywhere except for his legs and face. His long coat is also very nicely reproduced and in details with his long tail and the hairs forming a kind of beard giving him almost the look of an old Chinese sage.


A nice little monkey

The Demiguise is one of the magical creatures of the movie Fantastic Beasts, the first opus of the new movie series that enriches the world of Harry Potter and inspired by the book of the same name and written by J.K Rowling under the pseudonym Newt Scamander, a naturalist listing all the creatures of the magical world. In this story, we find Newt when he arrives in New York in the 1920s. In the confusion and the crowd, he mistakenly exchanges his suitcase with that of a nomaj (the name used by the Americans to describe the muggles) and that one lets escape some of these creatures. Newt will have to recover them, which will not be easy for the Demiguise because this one can make itself invisible. He will finally find him in a department store protecting a young occamy, a kind of snake with flamboyant colors and a head closer to that of a bird.


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