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Aziraphale chase (Good Omens)

A fishing angel

For this chase version of the character, Funko has represented him eating an ice cream, which is very representative of this rather greedy character. He wears as always this elegant costume with a rather old-fashioned side. He wears brown pants with shoes of a lighter brown. He also wears a white shirt with a bow tie and a jacket always in shades of brown. He also wears a pocket watch hanging on his jacket. Finally, at the level of the head, we find his short hair of an almost white blond.


A rebel angel

Aziraphale is one of the main characters of the Good Omens series, adapted from the famous novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Aziraphale is an angel who was there at the time of the creation of Adam and Eve and at the time of their temptation by the demon Crowley with whom, against all odds, he became friends. Since the creation of men, both spent most of their time on Earth and got used to it very well. Aziraphale is particularly fond of books and runs a bookstore, and he is also very fond of earthly food. So when it is announced that the antichrist will soon be born and eleven years later trigger the apocalypse that will settle the conflict between heaven and hell once and for all, the two friends are not exactly thrilled. So they decide to agree to do everything to prevent the child in question from reaching his destiny.


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