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Aziraphale (Good Omens)

An elegant angel

For this first figurine of this friendly character, Funko has represented him with a book in his hands. He wears an elegant costume with a 19th century style. It’s dark brown pants with a white ruffled shirt and a lighter brown jacket. He also wears a bow tie that matches his jacket and a pocket watch hanging in his pocket. Finally, he is wearing an open beige raincoat and brown shoes. At the level of the head, we find his very light blond hair in short peaks on the top of the head. He holds a book open in his right hand.


An angel not so angelic

Aziraphale is one of the heroes of the series Good Omens inspired by the novel of the same name of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The story takes place during the week before the apocalypse which is awaited since thousands of years by the angels and the demons to settle their quarrels once and for all. Only the angel Aziraphale and his friend the demon Crowley like themselves on Earth and don’t want that to happen. They decide to raise together the child who is supposed to be the antichrist in order to maybe make sure that he doesn’t want to start the apocalypse. Only, six days before the apocalypse begins, the two friends realize that due to a mistake in the maternity ward, they have raised the wrong boy. Aziraphale is an angel who was there at the time of the creation of the Earth and Adam and Eve. His first disobedience was to give his flaming sword to Adam and Eve so they could defend themselves in the Garden of Eden. That same day, he met Crowley, a fallen angel with whom he became friends. Aziraphale has taken a particular liking to life on Earth, especially food, which he loves, but also books, since his cover for observing humans is a bookstore of ancient books.


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