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Crowley (Good Omens)

A dandy

Crowley is portrayed here as seen in the promo photos of the film and in most of the scenes taking place in the present. He is wearing an all-black outfit with tight-fitting pants, pointed boots, an open-necked shirt and a thin, tonal striped jacket, as well as a thin gray scarf. At the level of the head, we find his red hair cut short with a longer lock on the front. He also wears sunglasses that do not completely hide his yellow demon eyes. Finally, he holds a red apple in his hand.


A fallen angel

Crowley is a demon, or more precisely a fallen angel, in the Good Omens series inspired by the book of the same name by English authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Crowley had already fallen at the time of the creation of Adam and Eve and it is besides him, in the form of snake, which proposed the apple to Eve. That day he also met the angel Aziraphale, with whom he became very friendly. In the following millennia, they spent most of their time on Earth, Crowley doing demonic acts and Aziraphale doing miracles. But when the long-awaited moment of the apocalypse arrived, which would finally declare a winner between heaven and hell, the two friends were not thrilled with the idea, too attached to the Earth and their life among humans. They then try to take charge of the antichrist in order to influence him so that he does not want to trigger the apocalypse. But they get the wrong child and the apocalypse is triggered anyway. They have six days to find a solution and try to influence the child in spite of everything. Like his friend Aziraphale, Crowley enjoys many things on Earth, such as wine and beautiful cars. He is particularly fond of his own car.


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