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Bane (Batman The Animated Series)

A wrestling villain

Bane is shown here wearing the wrestler-like outfit he always wears in the series. It is a blue tights over which he wears a kind of black leotard without sleeve with a white belt letting see his impressive musculature. He also wears a black mask completely hiding his face with a white pattern and holes revealing his angry grin, his red eyes and his nose. On his left arm, he wears the device that allows him to supply more of the famous serum permanently.


Most Wanted Assassin

Bane was one of the most powerful and effective assassins in the Batman The Animated Series universe. A former prisoner in the Cuban prison of Pena Duro, a prison reserved for the most dangerous men, he was chosen for a program to create super-soldiers with a new drug called Venom. The drug was even more effective than they could have imagined and Bane managed to escape from the prison and Cuba to become a freelance assassin charging up to 5 million dollars per kill because he was so effective. But it wasn’t until Rupert Thorne hired him to kill Batman that he finally felt he had found a contract worthy of him.


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