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Barbara Maitland transformed (Beetlejuice)

A terrifying face

For this version of Barbara, Funko represented her with a very deformed head when she tries to frighten the family that has moved into their home. At the body level, she continues to wear the dress with which she died, a dress with flowers very country with small flat pink shoes. At the level of the head, we find her long brown curly hair but her head was very transformed. Her mouth is very stretched and wide open like that of a crocodile. We can see all his tongue and his eyes come out at the back of his throat.


A new life after death

Barbara Maitland is one of the heroines of the famous 80’s cult fantasy comedy, Beetlejuice. She and her husband Adam live a quiet and happy life in their country home that they love more than anything. One day, they have an accident and their car plunges into the river. Back home, they realize that they did not survive the accident. As the rule goes, they will have to spend the next few decades in their house. Unfortunately, the people buying the house, New Yorkers, are not really the same style as them and the Maitlands will quickly realize that it is not easy to scare these people who see ghosts as a plus for their house. However, the couple, and Barbara in particular, will become attached to Lydia, the family’s teenage daughter, who has a rather cartoonish gothic style but who is also the first one to be able to see ghosts.


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