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Lydia Deetz bride (Beetlejuice)

A Funny Bride

For this exclusive version of the character, Funko represented Lydia with the wedding dress that Beetlejuice makes her wear for her wedding. It’s a very voluminous red dress with tone-on-tone polka dots and lots of ruffles. It has long sleeves, ruffles on the collar and a little transparent part at the neckline. She also has a long red transparent veil and a train. Finally, at the level of the face, Lydia still looks bad and we find her black hair fringe styled in spikes as well as a funny bun on the top of the head.


A heroic sacrifice

Lydia Deetz is one of the heroines of the famous fantasy comedy Beetlejuice, by Tim Burton. The film tells the story of the adorable Maitland couple living in their little dream house in the deep countryside of the United States. All is well until they have a terrible car accident and find themselves turned into ghosts doomed to haunt their own home for the next hundred years. To make matters worse, their house is bought by a New York family who starts redecorating it from top to bottom, destroying all the work they did on it. They try everything they can to terrify them but it’s not very effective and the young Lydia, fascinated by death, even takes a liking to them. The feeling is mutual and they decide to accept the Deetzs into their home. But things get complicated when the Deetzs learn of the existence of ghosts and want to turn it into an amusement park, asking their friend Otto to exorcise the ghosts. Lydia, desperate, will then call upon Betlejuice, an exorciser of the living, to try to help them, even agreeing to marry him as payment for his help.


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