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Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice)

An adorable little witch

As in the movie, Lydia is represented here with her all black outfit which is a bit reminiscent of the classic representation of a witch. She wears a long black dress with several layers, and small black boots. At the head level, we find her black hair whose fringe is styled in spikes, as well as her black straw hat whose details are particularly well represented. In her hands, she holds the book that is given to the two ghosts living in the house on the day of their death: guidebook for the recently deceased”, and on her shoulder, she carries the bag that contains the camera that never leaves her.


The most gothic of heroines

Lydia Deetz is one of the main characters in the famous movie Beetlejuice by Tim Burton. She is a New York teenager who comes to live with her wealthy father and stepmother in a house deep in the American countryside after her father decides he needs a change of scenery. Lydia is a bit of a clich? of the gothic teenager fascinated by death and everything that refers to it. And it just so happens that the ghosts of the house’s previous occupants are still there, trapped in the house for a hundred years. They are determined to chase away these new inhabitants who have disfigured the beautiful house they had spent years decorating, but their attempts to scare them away don’t work very well. That’s when Lydia finds their survival guide as a ghost. And when she finally meets them, they end up taking a liking to the young girl who is not really terrified by these friendly ghosts.


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