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Beetlejuice Glows in the Dark (Beetlejuice)

Not a reassuring appearance

Beetlejuice here portrayed in the glows in the dark version with the guide outfit he wears in the scene where we first meet him in the miniature cemetery in Adam’s model. He wears too short pants with a too small red shirt with scorpions patterns. He also wears a kind of long ruffled overcoat. His skin is white with green and musty spots that don’t really give confidence. Finally, he has green hair and wears a guide hat.


An exorcist of the living

Beetlejuice is one of the main characters in Tim Burton’s movie Beetlejuice. Barbara and Adam Maitland live a happy and peaceful life in their lovely home in the country until one day they are in a car accident. When they return home, everything seems strange and for good reason, they did not survive. They soon learn that they will have to stay in their house for several hundred years before moving on. But the Maitlands have trouble accepting the new New Yorkers who are disfiguring their beautiful home. That’s when Beetlejuice comes into play. He is a sort of exorcist of the living, claiming that he can get rid of any living person who disturbs. But he has a very bad reputation in the world of the dead, as well as being disgusting, lying and rude, and the Maitlands are advised not to call on him. But they may not have a choice.


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