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Beetlejuice with Dante’s Inferno Room (Beetlejuice)

An appropriate place for Beetlejuice

For this Pop Town figure, Beetlejuice is represented when he appears in small in the model of the city in the attic of the Metlands and he also appears in a kind of strip-tease box. He wears a suit with too short pants and a too small red shirt with a very dirty beige raincoat. His skin is pale, his hair green and his eyes ringed with red. We can also see the prickles coming out of his body to defend himself when the Metlands try to catch him. The strip club is called Dante’s Inferno room. It seems to be composed of several floors with a very strange and twisted perspective. The entrance is the wide open mouth of a demon and the whole place is decorated with flames and small demon spikes.


A hustler from the underworld

Beetlejuice is an important character in Tim Burton’s fantasy comedy Beetlejuice. In this movie, the Metlands live a quiet and happy life in their house in the country until one day they have a fatal car accident. They then find themselves in their house and learn that the rule is that they must stay there and haunt it for a certain number of years. But then a family from New York moves into their house, determined to change everything and not very impressed by the ghosts’ attempts to make them leave. Then they see an ad for Beetlejuice, a member of the dead world like them who presents himself as a bio-exorcist and could, according to him, get rid of the living who are bothering them. The Metlands are reluctant to accept his methods and even more so when they start to get attached to Lydia, the young daughter of the living couple. But Beetlejuice has not said his last word.


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