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Bash glows in the dark (Fortnite)

A complex outfit

For this exclusive version at New York Comic Con, Funko has therefore decided to represent this outfit with a rather complex style. He wears a black skin-tight suit with a scale texture and purple inserts and protectors on his knees, arms and crotch. He also wears the remains of a torn pink t-shirt and matching gloves. On the head, we find this kind of unicorn helmet with a turquoise snout and ears and a golden horn.


A funny mix

Bask is an epic rarity outfit that players can get in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. This could be obtained from chapter two of the game’s first paid season. It is part of the leftover set, a set consisting of outfits or skins that should have initially been part of other sets, in his case the Sunshine and Rainbows set. It is in fact a rearranged version of the Bright Gunner skin with the unicorn head from the Harvesting Tool set. This makes for a funny mix and a disturbing looking character. Since 2019, he can be found in the store in a pack with Brilliant Bomber.


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