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Basilisk (Harry Potter)

An impressive snake

As the Basilisk is a giant snake, it made sense for Funko to depict him in a six-inch pop figure for this Target store exclusive release. He’s coiled up with his head up, and he’s got that green color on top and beige on his belly. His scales and horns on the top of his head are particularly well reproduced and detailed. Finally, he is represented with his mouth open and we can see his impressive fangs that will be used to destroy Tom Jedusor’s diary. His yellow eyes are painted with a golden paint that gives him an even more terrifying look.


A terrible monster

The Basilisk is the monster living in the chamber of secrets in the second opus of Harry Potter. Indeed in this film, as soon as the children arrive at the Hogwarts school, they discover a message on the wall where is written enemies of the heir, beware” and next to it is the cat of the petrified guard. When Nearly Headless Nick, the Gryffindor ghost and Colin Creevy, a student are also found petrified, Professor McGonagall explains what it means. Salazar Slytherin, one of the founders of the school, thought that magic should have been reserved for pure-blooded wizards only. For this reason, he built a secret chamber accessible only to him and his heirs that would house a monster. It is said that when his heir returned to the school, he would bring out the monster and unleash it on the castle to kill all the impure blood wizards. With Hagrid’s help, Harry, Ron and Hermione discover that the monster is a basilisk, a giant snake that kills with the power of its eyes. Fortunately, everyone who has seen it has only seen its eyes through a reflection or through something and that’s why they were only petrified. Harry only manages to hear him and enter the Chamber of Secrets because he too speaks the language of snakes, a gift passed on to him by Voldemort when he wounded him.


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