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Batman (Batman Arkham Knight)

A Batman close to the one of Nolan’s movies

Batman is represented here in the costume he wears in the video game. Like the one in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, it is entirely black, the nuances being brought only by the different textures. We find those muscles of the torso very marked as well as his famous bat which is almost engraved. He also wears impressive gloves and a belt of gadgets. Finally, he has of course his black cape as well as this black mask with big ears hiding the top of his face. For once, his eyes are white to stand out from the mask


The conclusion of a saga

Batman is represented here in his version of the video game Batman Arkham Knight. This game, released in 2015, is the sequel and conclusion to a series of games including, Batman Arkham Asylum, City and Origins. This one takes place in Gotham City one year after the events of the game Arkham City. This time he will have to face the Scarecrow, the penguin, the two-faced Harley Quinn and a new character in the Marvel universe: the Arkham Knight.


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