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Batman Who Laughs (Batman Who Laughs)

A terrifying appearance

As in this very dark comic book of the DC Universe, Batman has a really terrifying appearance. He wears an all-black costume with a mask and a cape, but they don’t have much to do with the original. It’s a kind of tunic torn at the bottom with straps on the front and we can see that his skin has become a sickly gray. At the level of the head, his mouth stretches on a big unhealthy smile with red lips and yellow teeth. Also, at eye level, he wears a strange spiked metal band with two kinds of antennas on each side of his head.


The most terrible version of Batman

Batman Who Laughs is a jokerized” version of Batman coming from the dark multiverse and who, with his army of Dark Knights, had planned to plunge the whole multiverse into darkness, making him one of the worst enemies of the Justice League. He came from Earth 22 where he was captured by the Joker who forced him to watch him destroy all of Gotham and then kill entire families as he infected children with Joker’s toxin that made him insane and murderous and was killing him. Batman managed to escape before killing the Joker. But he too had been contaminated by the toxin and began to transform despite his will to resist. He ended up killing the entire bat family and then all the members of the Justice League in his world before joining Barbatos and the Dark Knights.


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