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Betty Boop black and white and red chase (Betty Boop)

A touch of color

For this chase and exclusive version, Funko has depicted Betty Boop in black and white, as she was originally, but with just a few touches of red. Indeed, the character remained famous long after the 30s and it is common that her dress and shoes, which appeared black or gray at the time, are represented in red later. It is thus the case here for her small flared dress and without straps as well as for her shoes with heels and the small heart on her garter. At the level of the face, we find her funny eyes as well as her eyebrows in the fashion of the 30s and the small curls on her short black hair. Her mouth is red and we find the trace of it on the cheek of the small white dog which accompanies it.


A retro heroine

Betty Boop is a famous animated heroine created in the 1930s by the Fleischer studios in the United States. Like all animated characters of the time, she was of course created in black and white. She was the star of many small films in which she did not play the same role but whose story was often similar. It often featured Betty in a somewhat sexy situation as a dancer or singer seducing a man or even in some cases an anthropomorphic dog. Betty was often accompanied by her little white dog Pudgy.


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