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Betty Boop et Pudgy (Betty Boop)

Betty Boop as in the old days

For this exclusive figurine, Betty Boop is represented here in black and white, which was of course the way we could see the cartoons at the time of their creation. Betty is wearing her little strapless dress, very short and flared downwards, with a little garter with a heart. She also wears small black shoes with heels and bracelets on each arm. At the level of the head, we find of course her short hair with these small curls and points. Finally, she is also accompanied by Pudgy, this very small white dog with an ear in the air and these eyes with the shape so particular, like Betty Boop.


An icon of the 30s

Betty Boop is the famous heroine of the cartoons of the same name created in the 30s. She is a young brunette woman and rather delirious which is put in scene in adventures often putting forward the topic of seduction and sexuality. But in the middle of the 30’s, following the censorship, the creators of the character, the Fleischer studios, are forced to change the aspect of the character and the themes of the cartoon. Betty Boop became a nice single housewife whose companion was a little white dog named Pudgy. Her skirt and sleeves are also getting longer, and her hair is getting wiser.


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