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Mermaid Betty Boop (Betty Boop)

A perfect little mermaid

This version of Betty Boop is only loosely based on a short film where Betty is a mermaid and adapted to make her a sort of pinup little mermaid. She is shown sitting on a green rock decorated with starfish, coral and colored shells. Her fish tail is green and she wears a pearl necklace and a bra made of pink shells. At the head level, we still find her black curls and the so specific design of her eyes. Finally, she also wears a big pink tropical flower in her hair.


A perfect role for a pinup

Betty Boop is one of the most famous cartoon characters in American animated film history. Created in the 1930s, Betty is the star of many short films featuring her in roles as varied as Snow White, a mermaid, a singer and a cabaret dancer. She was inspired by a real black dancer of the time and the creators often emphasized her charming side in the stories of which she was the heroine. This changed somewhat in the 1930s when puritanical laws forced the show’s creators to make Betty a single housewife dressed much more modestly than before.


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