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Betty Boop (Betty Boop)

Betty and her companion

Funko represented Betty Boop here with her classic outfit, a short sleeveless red dress worn with matching shoes and a clearly visible garter. On the head, Betty is wearing her large golden earrings and her two bracelets as well as her short black hair with small curls giving almost the impression of small horns all around her head and on the front of her face. She is of course represented with her little white dog Pudgy and her ear raised.


A 1930s idol

Betty Boop is the famous little sexy cartoon heroine born in 1930 and created by the Fleischer Studios in the United States. Betty Boop is a singer with a particularly sexy look for the time, which earned the creators of the cartoon to be censored, forcing them to lengthen her skirt and make her a single housewife. She appeared in several cartoons, first in black and white, then in color, before she also appeared in several films mixing live action and animation in the spirit of Mary Poppins.


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