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Sweetheart Betty Boop (Betty Boop)

A Betty Boop for Valentine’s Day

Betty is shown here with an outfit and accessories that suggest she is celebrating Valentine’s Day. Indeed, she wears a red dress instead of her usual black outfit, but still showing her little garter decorated with a red heart. She holds in her arms a bouquet of red roses and a heart-shaped box that we guess is filled with chocolates. At the level of the head, her mouth is red, her eyes have this funny shape cut on the side and of course, we find this characteristic haircut with its small curls returning in front of the face.


The sexiest animated character

Betty Boop is one of the first animated heroines of the 30s. Created by the Fleischer studios, Betty Boop was the heroine of many short films featuring her in a variety of situations but often highlighting the theme of seduction, her advantageous plasticity and her free and wild side. She was often a dancer or a cabaret singer but also a nurse. Later, the censorship will force the studios to make Betty Boop much wiser by making her a single housewife with longer skirts and a wiser attitude. But it was the films where she acted more liberally and wore her sexiest outfits that were remembered.


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