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Bill (Kill Bill)

A living legend

The whole movie borrows a lot from the imagery of the Karate movies of the 70’s, so it was logical to hire one of the legends of these movies to play the famous Bill. So we find his black pants worn with a yellow Chinese tunic as we can see in one of the last scenes of the film. In his left hand, he holds a black sword. At the level of the head, we find the rings marking his age under his eyes and especially we recognize well his long gray hair perfectly coiffed.


The Ultimate Goal

Bill is one of the important characters in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill even though he actually has quite little screen time. He is the leader of a group of female killers, one of whom, Beatrix, is his mistress. But when she becomes pregnant, she decides to change her life, leaves Bill and rebuilds her life away from the violence of her profession. But Bill and his killers find her on her wedding day with the man she met and kill everyone. But Beatrix does not die and falls into a deep coma. She wakes up several years later and has only one idea in mind, to take revenge. She will go in search of all the slayers of her former team and go back to Bill to kill him.


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