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The Bride (Kill Bill)

Beatrix and her emblematic yellow outfit

The movie Kill Bill borrows a lot from the martial arts movies of the 70s, as much for the atmosphere and the dialogues as for the fights. This is also reflected in the famous yellow jogging suit with black stripes that the heroine wears on the poster and during the film. In her right hand, she also holds the sword with which she fights to kill several of her enemies. On the head, her face is quite simple but we can see her blond hair and her characteristic haircut.


The heroine

The Bride, whose real name is Beatrix Kiddo, is the heroine of Kill Bill, the famous two-part film by Quentin Tarantino. Beatrix is part of a team of professional killers under the command of Bill, whose mistress she is also. But the day she gets pregnant, she decides to change her life radically. She leaves Bill without warning and tries to start a new life with another man. But Bill and his killers find her on her wedding day, kill all the guests and leave her for dead. But she actually falls into a coma. When she wakes up several years later in the hospital, Beatrix has only one goal, to get revenge, find Bill and kill him.


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