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Crazy 88 (Kill Bill)

Typical manga characters

In this movie, Tarantino likes to adapt the style of the characters and the image to the style of the cinema of their country. In Japan, the characters have a style straight out of a manga. The crazy 88 are all dressed and styled the same with a black suit and tie and a white shirt. Their face is partly covered by a black mask which makes them even more anonymous. Like all the others, this one holds a sword in his hand to fight.


A killer among others

The Crazy 88 is a group of 88 killers at the service of Oren Ishii in Kill Bill, the famous movie of Quentin Tarantino. We follow the quest for revenge of Beatrix Kiddo, a woman who was originally part of a group of killers working for Bill. Beatrix is also his mistress and when she becomes pregnant with his child, she decides to leave him to raise her child in peace. But he finds her when she is about to marry another man, kills everyone and leaves her for dead. When she wakes up from her coma, she has only one thing on her mind, to kill Bill and to do that she must first kill all the other women in his old group. One of them is Oren Ishii, who has since become a Japanese crime lord. In order to try to avoid the fight, she will send her group of young relentless killers, the crazy 88’s.


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