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Black Panther chase with mask (Black Panther)

A mysterious hero

All the kings of Wakanda are endowed with uncommon senses, strength and agility thanks to a flower that grows only in their home. This gives them the powers of the Black Panther and that’s why T’Challa wears this costume himself with amazing abilities. For this chase version, Funko has represented him here with his complete costume, including his mask. So we find this black costume with nice metallic details on the hands, feet and especially on his famous necklace. On the head, only his black eyes are visible in the cat’s eyes holes of his mask and this one is very nicely decorated with engraved ethnic patterns and of course with two small panther ears.


The black panther

Black Panther is none other than T’Challa, the new king of Wakanda in the Marvel universe. Wakanda is an imaginary African country that appears to everyone as a rather poor country of shepherds and modest villagers. But several thousand years ago, a meteorite crashed there, giving its inhabitants vibranium, a metal with extraordinary properties that allowed them to quickly develop a very advanced technology and society. But fearing the covetousness of their neighbors and the rest of humanity in general, they decided to hide their great city under a huge energy shield making it invisible and impenetrable to anyone not from Wakanda. But when T’Challa takes over from his father, family secrets are revealed and he’ll have to start seeing things a little differently about his country’s involvement in world affairs.


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