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Black Widow (Avengers Endgame)

The latest Avengers uniform

For this new version of Black Widow, Funko has represented her with the new uniform created by Tony Stark after Ant-Man’s one to travel in time. It’s a tight-fitting, reinforced uniform that’s mostly light gray and reinforced with dark gray and red. Black Widow is shown in action and holding the famous sticks with which she fights. At the head level, we find her hair tied in a long braid whose tip is still blond to remind the time that has passed since the previous film in which her hair was blond and cut to the square.


An Avengers at heart

Black Widow is one of the original members of the famous Avengers from the Marvel Studios movies. A former Russian spy and multi-talented assassin, she was a danger to the United States. Clint Barton, an agent of SHIELD, was sent to kill her but he decided to give her a chance and offered her to join SHIELD. From then on, she tried to use her powers for good and to make up for her mistakes. She was one of the first to join the Avengers and helped Nick Fury recruit people like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. In Avengers Endgame, Natasha was very upset when half the population disappeared after Thanos’ snap. With the arrival of Carole Danvers, they think they have a chance to fight Thanos and get the stones back but he destroyed them and all hope is lost. Five years later, the world is struggling to recover and Natasha is almost alone in command of the Avengers Tower while the others try to maintain order around the world. Then Ant-Man, until then a prisoner in the quantum world, comes along and offers a solution, to travel back in time to retrieve the stones from different eras before Thanos found them and bring back the population that had disappeared. But one stone in particular has a price and it is Natasha who sacrifices herself to pay it.


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